Metrogate Dasmarinas - AMENITIES

Metrogate Dasmarinas residents-only amenities include a clubhouse complex with swimming pool and shower rooms, game room, function areas, tennis and basketball courts, children's playground, landscaped parks, and open spaces. At Metrogate Dasmarinas, residents can wake up every day to beautiful mornings, still be close to the city, and come home to a place where they build a family.

The Metrogate Dasmariñas development offers a nice range of amenities and facilities for the exclusive enjoyment of residents. The amenities and facilities at Metrogate Dasmariñas include:

Clubhouse Complex With Multipurpose Hall

A clubhouse complex, with a multipurpose hall is available for the exclusive use of residents of Metrogate Dasmariñas community, providing a convenient communal space for all meetings, gatherings, celebrations and other events.

Swimming Pools For Kids And Adults

A swimming pool, also for the use of residents of Metrogate Dasmariñas, adds amazing value to your investment in Metrogate Dasmariñas, providing you and your family with the chance to enjoy the facilities of a private club without leaving home!

Tennis Court

More country-club facilities, right here in the comfort and convenience of home - a tennis court for the exclusive use residents of Metrogate Dasmariñas adds extra value to your property.

Basketball Court

A basketball court in the heart of the Metrogate Dasmariñas development is sure to become the social hotspot for all the youngsters and the young-at-heart to congregate and get together for some healthy sport and socializing every day.

Landscaped Park And Open Spaces

A landscaped park and pockets of lush vegetation all around the Metrogate Dasmariñas neighborhood ensures a pleasant, serene and peaceful ambience around the community, and a green and healthy environment for all residents.

Nature Park And Picnic Areas

Thoughtful touches such as a nature park and picnic areas located within the Metrogate Dasmariñas development will provide residents  with the opportunity to enjoy some fresh air and the beauty of nature without having to go very far at all. Pack a picnic, lay out a mat and spend some quality time together with your family and loved ones, right here at home!

Entrance Gate With Guardhouse

An imposing entrance gate with its security guardhouse serves several purposes: it welcomes you to your home in the Metrogate Dasmariñas enclave, it provides an impressive welcome to your guests and visitors, and by ensuring that only residents and authorized visitors can enter and exit through these gates, it assures the safety and security of all residents and homes in the community.

Concrete Road Network

A wide concrete road network around the Metrogate Dasmariñas development ensures an easy flow of traffic and safe spaces for pedestrians and for jogging or riding a bicycle.

Street Lighting On Meralco Posts

No dark streets at night in the Metrogate Dasmariñas community! All streets in this 60.5 hectare development are brightly lit, adding an extra layer of peace of mind for all residents.

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